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by Darsithis
(Saturday) 06.02.18 • 18.55
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR
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Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

I've been playing FF 14 for a while now, I have a few toons on Ultros, usually starting with "Darsithis" except this one. I am posting an image of this one because I'm sure Tziva will love the mount I'm riding...

by Darsithis
(Thursday) 09.08.16 • 07.40
Forum: Off-Topic Misc
Topic: Happy birthday Troy!
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Re: Happy birthday Troy!

Way late, but happy birthday
by Darsithis
(Friday) 07.29.16 • 07.37
Forum: Off-Topic Misc
Topic: [Discussion on Forums & Website ]
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Re: [Discussion on Forums & Website ]

I kinda like the new style...
by Darsithis
(Tuesday) 12.30.14 • 10.27
Forum: Off-Topic Misc
Topic: Book Recommendations
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Re: Book Recommendations

I highly recommend some of the latest in dystopian futures and interesting fantasy worlds: 1 - Sand Omnibus by Hugh Howey, and the related books written by other authors in his world 2 - Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks (3 books out now, 4th coming) 3 - Anything by Brian Sanderson and Joe Haldeman...
by Darsithis
(Sunday) 12.28.14 • 20.46
Forum: Off-Topic Misc
Topic: Recipes!
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Re: Recipes!

This is an awesome "chicken pot pie" recipe: Requires: 1 can of Pillsbury grands biscuits (flaky) 1 10.5oz can of cream of chicken soup Mixed veggies cubed, cooked chicken Read recipe to cook!
by Darsithis
(Monday) 06.09.14 • 19.50
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Wildstar Server and Character Name
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Re: Wildstar Server and Character Name

I'm on Evindra as well. Darsithis, Mordesh Stalker
by Darsithis
(Monday) 07.22.13 • 09.23
Forum: Best of the web
Topic: Dear Tziva,
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Re: Dear Tziva,

I can't imagine why :roll:
by Darsithis
(Monday) 12.31.12 • 08.06
Forum: Best of the web
Topic: For the Crazy Ones
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Re: For the Crazy Ones

You know I have to say Zazi.
by Darsithis
(Sunday) 11.25.12 • 22.46
Forum: Star Wars: TOR
Topic: Anyone still playing?
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Re: Anyone still playing?

I still play. Empire on Jedi Convenant, and I might start a Republic dude soon :D

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