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Using Itemlinks & Database tooltips on Forums

Postby Tziva » (Wednesday) 02.27.13 • 13.18

We've had item link tooltips for wowhead enabled here for a long time, but never had a shiny sticky explaining how to use them like MCA has, so I thought I'd make one as I was updating the script today.

Basic Database URLs

    The easiest way is just to link to the wowhead or wowdb page:

    Code: Select all

    [url=http://****]link name[/url]
    Sample: Smashed Robot Parts

    This is the simplest method and works for linking anything; it doesn't need modified based on whether you are linking a spell or a piece of gear or whatever. The downside is that it will just be a regular link that happens to show a tooltip, no fancy item quality colouring or anything like that.

    Note that this will work for either wowhead or wowdb. I realise most people use wowhead, but since I've been involved in wowdb, I've enabled their script as well. Your choice which to use - both should always work.

Special BBcode:

This script is fancier and will always tint the link to the appropriate colour for item quality, achievements, etc. This uses wowhead's database.

    Spells & Abilities

    Code: Select all

    [spell]name or #[/spell]
    Sample: [spell]Frostbolt[/spell]


    Code: Select all

    [achievement]name or #[/achievement]
    Sample: [achievement]Herald of the Titans[/achievement]


    Code: Select all

    [quest]name or #[/quest]
    Sample: [quest]Wanted: "Hogger"[/quest]


    Code: Select all

    [item]name or #[/item]
    Sample: [item]Mammoth Mining Bag[/item]

    Interactive Objects

    Code: Select all

    [object]name or #[/object]
    Sample: [object]Hodir's Helm[/object]

If you want more in-depth guide, I recommend checking the MCA sticky.

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