Jul 09 2010

About Muffins

I Have It Set To Muffins Basic Info:

Guild leader: Tziva
Founded: 03.03.08
Ranks: All named for delicious baked goods
Raiding: Muffins members who desire to raid are encouraged to do so via the MCAlliance of Feathermoon.  Any guild raids are sponsored by the MCA.
Recruitment: Exclusive. This guild is friends and family only.

Muffins Armory Link


I Have It Set To Muffins started back in Burning Crusade, when Renitoor, Bendric and Tziva decided they were tired of ninja guild invites on their Feathermoon alts. Tziva decided to set up a faux-guild to have a label without the commitment, plus the friends would have a bank and a chat channel to share. Tziva picked the name based off of an inside joke that made them laugh and all three added their alt characters to the guild.

Muffins has changed a lot since those early days.

Excluding those who just helped with the signatures, the roster was originally entirely the trio’s alts. There was no intention or desire to ever be a real guild. There were no meetings, no events, no rules, no goals, and everyone was the same rank. Although Muffins didn’t recruit, Tziva did eventually invite in some of family and real life friends when they began playing WoW. They also let good in-game friends know their alts were welcome to join and access the bank of low level crafting materials, and several took up the offer.

Eventually, Muffins began gaining level-capped characters. Friends and family hit 70 on their first characters and the friends’ own alts reached the level cap. Some people who had joined their alts eventually moved their mains. A few friends from raiding approached Tziva and asked for an invite, and she was happy to oblige. Those friends in turn brought in more mutual friends. Suddenly many of their closest raiding and in-game buddies were in the guild. Tziva realised she could not really dismiss Muffins as a glorified chat channel any longer and — unintentional or not — they were now a genuine guild.

After Blizzcon ’09, the guild began thinking about their future direction in Cataclysm with the new guild system. They all knew they wanted to continue to raid with MCA, and didn’t want to be a raiding guild, nor did anyone want a bunch of strangers in the guild.  But at the same time, they wanted to work seriously towards a lot of the new stuff coming in the next expansion. Muffins wanted those guild perks! Renitoor and Bendric both moved their mains to the guild and Tziva resigned as officer in her prior guild and moved her main (the original guild leader was Tziva’s alt Maggen) to start working towards that goal.

Muffins is still a smallish guild and is likely stay that way. The guild is home to raiders, PvPers and even some roleplayers, and is a hearty mix of both veteran players and new people, ranging super casual to serious.


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