Dec 19 2010

Using the Guild Crafters Interface

The new guild interface has provided a very convenient way to search for crafters among your guildmates. It allows you access everyone’s recipes, whether they are on or offline, and search them in the same way you would search your own professions window to see what you have in a particular level range or look for a specific item.

professions window show offline members

To do this, first open your guild interface window (default hotkey “J”) and click on the ‘roster’ tab at the bottom.   From there, go to the drop down menu at the top which is defaulted to ‘player status’.  On the drop down, select ‘professions.’

I highly recommend checking the box at the very bottom of the window that says “Show Offline Members.”  Although it is optional, I always use this box to increase my search results. Otherwise you may miss crafters who are online on an alt or someone who plays frequently but may not be on at this time.  I will be able to tell later when I look at the list of crafters if any are online in case I need the item in a hurry.  So unless you belong to a massive guild with hundreds of players online at a given time, always check ‘show offline.’

check profession view all

From the crafters menu, you can expand out a particular profession to see who knows the recipe by clicking the little plus sign in the corner by the profession on this tab.  You will be able to view all the people in the guild with that particular crafting profession (assuming you’ve checked to show ‘offline’).  It will show their crafting level on the right so you can tell who has the appropriate skill level for what you need.  You can click on any of their names — online or offline — to view their individual crafting list.   People are currently online will be lit up and you will be able to see their current location in case they are nearby.

The other option, and the one I prefer in most circumstances, is to search a crafting window that includes a conglomeration of everyone in the guild’s crafting professions, rather than looking up each person individually.  To do this, instead of clicking the plus sign by the profession name, click on ‘view all’ on the right side.  This brings up a window that includes every crafting recipe of that profession that is known by anyone in the guild.

options for searching

Now, using the popout menu on the right, you can search the recipes for the particular one you are looking for.

Now you would interact with the Profession interface the same way you might search for a recipe if it was your own list.  If you’re not too familiar with using the search box, you should know that there are a lot of ways you can search for particular things:

  • Attributes (“attack power”)
  • Level Range (“80-85”)
  • Name (“Sparkling Chalcedony” or just “Sparkling”)
  • Material (“Primal Water”)

You can also use the filter on the right to narrow the list by subcategories.

using the filter

When you’re all done finding the recipe you need crafted, select the item on the menu that you desire and then hit ‘view crafters’ on the bottom of the window.  A box will pop up to the right that lists everyone in the guild who has that particular recipe.  The people who are currently online will be lit up, but you will also see the offline players (assuming you selected that at the start) so you can tell if perhaps one of them is on an alt or someone you see frequently.

viewing the crafters

Then it’s just a matter of mailing them the materials or meeting them somewhere when you’re both available.

Happy crafting!

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