Aug 30 2011

[guild news] We’re Level 25!

Guild news and updated was originally exclusive to our news page, but I decided to start putting updates here in the blog entries to give them their appropriate time in the spotlight. You can still always check the News to see our latest goings ons.

So, moving on…

After months of work, I Have It Set To Muffins is finally level 25!

The guild’s 10man MCA raid, Upstart Crows is working on Firelands. We are currently 5/7. Our long-time mage has decided to retire, and we’ve filled the opening with an old buddy who has recently returned to the game. Farewell Sam, and welcome Damia.

And welcome to all our new members who have recently returned to the game or found a home within Muffins.

The guild has completed well over 100 guild dungeon and raid challenges together, having completed both challenge arenas every week since patch 4.1 was released. Keep up the hard work!

Thanks to Renitoor finding that elusive orc mage, the guild has finally finished the Horde Slayer achievement. We’ve also recently completed Classy Humans and A Daily Routine.

Recently, a Muffins legacy raid plowed through tier 6 and earned the guild the achievements for Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. Next Wednesday we will try again with a foray into Sunwell and Blackwing Lair.

Guild member Gelhiss will be the first person in our raid to complete the new two handed legendary staff, through Upstart Crows. We now have three completed legendaries within the guild and two more in-progress. Now we just need to get to farming the warglaives and the bow to complete the ultimate collection achievement.

Please check the guild vendor to purchase your rewards for all your hard work. The vendor has various cooking recipes available to members, the recipe for the small cauldron, the guild page, heirloom cloaks & hats, tabards, guild banners, the sparkly bird mount, dark phoenix vanity pet, an adorable Armadillo Pup pet and now the Lion mount! Pick yours up today!

As usual, for all the details, see the Feed on the Armory.

Good job everyone and keep up the good work!

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