Oct 10 2012

Guild News – 10.10.12

The mists have parted and I Have It Set To Muffins has enthusiastically ventured into Pandaria with more activity than ever!  Two weeks into the launch of the expansion, most members have reached the new level cap of 90 on their main characters.

So far as a guild, Muffins has completed guild groups for all the new heroics, 3-man scenarios, and for the Sha of Anger!  Through cooperative support and dedication, the guild has also completed Working Together As a Team to max every primary and secondary profession within the guild.

Muffins has plans to continue forays into raid instances in Mists, this time with not one but two guild-based MCA raids.  Hanstall’s raid will return again with most of the same team and plays to begin their adventures at the end of October.  Guild member Therin will lead a second Muffins raid beginning sometime in November.  Wish them luck!

Muffins also seeks to begin a battleground team beginning later this year for some fun times on the battlefield.  Please see the forums for more details.

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